Step into a city where the people live their lives behind masks...

Strangers is an interactive fiction completed using Twine as a Senior Thesis project for MICA's BFA in Interactive Arts Program. Decide the path that you want to take as you explore and learn more about the strangers surrounding you.

This is Part 1 of a continuing series, with other parts to be released at a later date.

Special Thanks to Sam Sheffield, Jason Corace, and all the other professors and students of MICA's IA Department. None of this would have been possible without you guys.

And a special shout out to MICA's class of 2018. We made it.

Final Word Count:  12379

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I loved this game so far! I like piecing together the settting with sneaky bits of information :)

thank you so much!! I'm glad you enjoyed It!


This needs to be seen. It is slow to show it's true colors, which are of every spectrum. I had no intention of making a video on this topic, but I was drawn into the narrative so quickly I wanted to share my experience. This is a wonderful throwback to the old age of gaming and choose your own adventure. The only thing which could have added to this might be some music or sound effects. Despite this, Strangers is a narrative which drew me in without sound or words. The pictures you formed in my mind were enough to keep my interest and allow my thoughts to run wild. The insinuations of the underlying belly of a corrupt society where people are expendable and enslaved to the necessities. This is a picturesque dystopian story. Although it is not to far from those which resides over seas. Unfortunate as this may be, the neon lights guiding us down the alleys and streets brought me to the conclusion of what you were ultimately outlining. Or at least in my own perception. Such a wonderful story, I'll continue in my own time perhaps, I'll be looking for the conclusion in the meantime. I hope you finish what great storytelling you have started! For now I bid you a GOOD EVENING and a GOOD NIGHT! 

I want to start off by saying that this review really made my day when I saw it.  I'm incredibly humbled by the response this piece has been getting and by your review in particular. I've been very unsure of this project nearly the entire time I was working on it, but reviews like this have really made everything worth it. I'm definitely excited to continue this story and to continue to develop the world of the wards and I hope when I do you find as much enjoyment in the continuation as you did in the first part of Strangers!